Tyre Pressure
Monitoring System Units

for all vehicles

About us

Our journey started with the vision of providing a solution to the 4x4 community for hauling any commodity without the risk of damage to the vehicle or the requirement of intense labour.

Being an avid outdoor enthusiast, many requirements became evident namely camping equipment. The need for a tyre management system resonated with the founders of Ezihaul which sparked serious interest and desire to find the most suitable solution.

Ezihaul conducted research and tested many tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) solutions available on the market. After doing extensive research on the limitless options of aftermarket products, it was evident that very few products were available that provide longevity and a custom fit for popular vehicle models such as the TOYOTA HILUX & FORTUNER.

After making contact with many TPMS manufacturers that supplies many automotive industries with sensors, we decided to order a sample of the product that provides a seamless OEM finish to the mentioned vehicles with all the possible functionality a TPMS has to offer. This includes superior battery life and a reusable sensor that’s not generally industry standard.

Ezihaul had then decided to partner with its supplier to ensure a client's needs are met by providing a supreme product with a competitive edge in the market. The supplier was founded in 2003 and has since invested extensively with its research and development to perfect the product which encompasses all the required certification for quality and safety assurance of the end user. Ezihaul has since expanded its product range covering most vehicles. This has enabled us to partner with various dealerships, fitment centres and online stores, selling products nationally with the vision of becoming a leading TPMS supplier in Africa.


Monitoring your vehicle's tyre pressure and temperature
whilst transmitting the data to the display monitor.

Designed for all vehicles
with 4 to 6 wheels

  • Built-in sensors
  • Increase tyre's life
  • Save fuel
  • Seamlessly embedded

Foresee air leakage 
with activating alarm

Monitor all tyres
simultaneously in real time

Tyre temperature 

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